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Real Estate Marketing 

Diyarsco is specialized in offering luxurious real estate products and services to potential clients. The firm is also considering regional and international expansion in marketing through real estate experts and consultants. Marketing specialists follow systematic way of identifying clients and representing real estate products to potential customers and investors.

Real Estate Development


Diyarsco provides a fully integrated system in real estate development thorough its cooperative partnerships with major prominent local and international firms working mainly in achieving objectives. The company engages a bundle of real estate properties from commercial, residential, entertainment, to touristic and medical. Diyarsco also assists clients in government permits, logistics, and engineering technicalities known to the local market.


Property and Rental Management

Diyarsco has extensive knowledge in property management with technical capabilities and integrated work for the maintenance of residential and commercial properties. Diyarsco has its own operating system of resident management meeting both needs of understanding client’s concerns and residents’, maintaining properties’ usefulness for their owners.

In addition, we manage rental properties located in the most visited sites and places on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as our clients desire.


Interior Design

Diyarsco helps clients in designing aspects of real estate as well as interior designs. The firm provides modern and contemporary design solutions meeting needs and outcomes of clients. Diyarsco prides itself on the precision of the work conducted, aiming to exceed a client’s expectations.

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